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Profile Page July 20, 2009

Profile Page

The profile page is your own personal space on where you can share more about yourself, access any of the groups you belong to and receive notes directly from your family members. Read below for more information on each individual element of the profile page.

Status Updates

Use Status Updates to quickly and easily let everyone know what you're up to. Your status will appear on your Profile Page and also in the Recently Online list on the homepage of your Family Groups (as pictured below).

You can write whatever you'd like in this space, but all status updates are limited to 140 characters and do not support HTML.

Profile Picture

Your Profile Picture won't just appear on your Profile Page, but also on every family group you belong to. It will be shown next to your name on the Recently Online module, the Member List and next to everything that you contribute to the group.

Profile Details

The Profile Details consists of two parts:

    About Me -
This box can be used to tell people a little bit about yourself, or whatever else you want to use it for (allows for some HTML).
    Information -
This is where you can list more specific information, like your Email Addresses, Physical Addresses, Birthday, Phone Numbers and Websites. You'll be able to control who can see this information (more on that in our next post).

Family Groups

The Family Groups module gives you easy an easy way to view and access all of the Family Groups you belong to. They are listed in order of when you last visited them (so Groups you visit more frequently appear towards the top). It also displays the member count for the Group and the last time you visited it.

Profile Notes

Family members and friends can leave notes directly on your Profile Page. This allows for more 1-to-1 communication between users outside of the Group environment. You can choose to receive email notifications when someone writes you a Note, and Notes support HTML, so you can embed photos, videos, etc.

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